Margareth de Wit

CEO, CBE Amsterdam Office


Margareth de Wit from the Netherlands is the CEO of the CBE Amsterdam Office. She is an expert in the fields of HRM (Human Resources Management), BPR (Business Process Redesign), and Finance.

Margareth has a MBA from the Wharton Business school, University of Pennsylvania, and a Cum Laude MA in Social Sciences from the VU University Amsterdam.

Margareth is well known for her renowned master classes Generation Management, a solution for the aging society.

She has impressive international experience, setting up offices and working for national and international companies in the UK, Italy, South Africa, Vietnam, Mozambique, India, Turkey, Angola, Surinam, and others.

She is Master, certified by Zenger Folkman to perform the Extraordinary Leader, Extraordinary Performer and Inspiring Leader workshops for clients and certify other consultants for the same programs.